Carrot Apple Slaw

Carrot and Apple Slaw is a bright and flavorful dish to serve with your spring or summer dishes.
If you’re as big a fan of KFC as I am, I’m sure you’ve tried their coleslaw, too. It’s really delicious and that’s probably why people have tried so hard to copy it at home.
I had tried several copycat recipes but none of them were quite as tasty as “the real thing”. But then a friend of mine gave me this recipe and said I wouldn’t even know the difference. In fact, she said this was even better than the original coleslaw! I had my doubts about that, but I decided to give it a go, anyway.

Boy, am I glad that I did! This really is the most scrumptious coleslaw recipe on the planet, if you ask me – and I couldn’t imagine throwing a BBQ party without making at least one batch of this!
You can make this faster by using store-bought coleslaw mix, but if you want to use really fresh ingredients and shred some cabbage yourself, it’ll make this completely out of this world!