How To Make Oreo Delight

An Oreo cheesecake without baking, so easy to make again at home, with a beautiful decoration! Oreos addicts will find their happiness. It is also possible to replace the oreos with other types of speculoos etc. to adapt the recipe.

* Ingredients : 

☞ 15 oz cool whip
☞ 1 cup powdered sugar
☞ 3 cups milk
☞ Crush cookies
☞ 1 pack  oreos
☞ 7 oz cream cheese softened
☞ 1 large pack chocolate instant pudding
☞ 5 T melted butter
* Preparation : 

- In little  bowl combine  crumbs with butter
- Press crumbs & butter mixture into bottom  cake pan to brew crust
- Make chocolate pudding according to pack instructions and let it  in the fridge .
- Employ electric mixer, blend half cool whip/ softened cream cheese / powdered sugar in big bowl
- Sprinkle the cool whip & sugar mixture on top of the oreo crust
- Spread the pudding on the cool whip layer, and the residual layer of the cool whip blending and let it to cool