This Vegetable Will Fix Everything Wrong in Your Body!

Red beets get their rich pigment from phytonutrients called betalains. The two most well-known betalains are vulgaxanthin and betanin, which have antioxidant, cancer-fighting, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Some Other Health Benefits of Beets:
Boost Stamina
Beets can enhance your physical performance before a workout. They boost the endurance and stamina and that is why they are an excellent pre-workout food and great for athletes and physically active people.

Fight Inflammation
The betaine inside the beets can protect you from inflammation and protect your cells, proteins and enzymes from environmental stress.

Lowers Blood Pressure
Drinking a raw beet juice can really help you lower the blood pressure in a matter of a few hours. That is all due to the naturally occurring nitrates in the beet that get transformed in nitric oxide in the blood. The nitric oxide can dilate the blood vessels and improve the general blood flow.

Boosts Brain Work
Due to the nitric oxide in the body, the blood vessels become wider and dilated and the blood flow become uninterrupted and thus the brain works more actively. This boosts the neuron activity and the brain’s energy.