Forget hair. Here are 5+ alternative things you can do with shampoo

Most people use shampoo at least a couple times a week, so it makes sense that it's a product you always have on hand. This is great news, because it turns out that shampoo is actually good for several things that don't involve hair.
It doesn't matter if you're doing a little cleaning around the house, trying to refresh bags and purses or just hoping to bring some extra shine into your life. A bottle of shampoo can help you accomplish all of these things. So rinse out your hair, get some shampoo and take a look at the ideas below.
Clean a toilet
There are plenty of ways to clean a toilet, but what do you do when you suddenly realize you're out of your usual cleaner and guests are arriving soon? Squirt shampoo around the inside of the toilet bowl and scrub as you normally would. You can also put a little shampoo on a damp sponge and use that to scrub the top of the bowl and the toilet seat.

Unclog a clogged tub
Before you call a plumber, try the following DIY solution to unclogging the drain in a bathtub. The secret is to use conditioner.

Want to make your house smell amazing?
Whip up this mixture to make the whole house smell heavenly. The video tells how to create a homemade version of Febreze

Clean bathtub grime
If the bathtub has lots of grime, instead of buying expensive store-bought products try the solution below instead. You'll find that nail polish remover does the job just as well.