Forget hair. Here are 5+ alternative things you can do with shampoo

Clean chrome
Chrome fixtures look their best when they're clean. Unfortunately, they also tend to gather water spots and grime easily. To give chrome faucets a good polish, squirt a dab of shampoo onto a sponge, sprinkle a little baking soda onto the sponge and scrub until you get a thin layer of this combination on the fixture. Finish by rinsing it with water and watching it shine.

Replenish leather
Whether it's in the form of a purse, a jacket, a pair of shoes or a couch, leather is always a good look. It's also somewhat difficult to clean, and you can't use just any product on it. One product that's completely safe for leather, however, is shampoo. Squirt a little onto a cotton pad and quickly wipe away any dirt or grime that's standing between you and a chic leather look.

Unstick a stuck zipper
Sometimes a zipper just refuses to slide closed, whether it's on a book bag, purse or favorite jacket. When this happens, put a small squirt of shampoo onto a cotton pad or paper towel and rub it along each side of the zipper. This will help "grease it up" so the zipper will slide smoothly.