I Pray You Heal

We are still exploring the world we live in, and discover the truth about life and the Universe. This leads to a change in spiritual consciousness, and the eye-opening truth about the connection between all living beings is awakening.
Many people haven’t found their calling in life yet, so the path to success is even more challenging for them.
To ease physical, mental, and emotional distress, practitioners have used prayer, emotion balancing, and energy manipulation for centuries.
The basic philosophy of most spiritual healing traditions is that when we are disconnected from the Divine, which is the source of our energy. When alienated from it, we experience numerous illnesses that manifest in endless forms.
Spiritual healing is a path of healing, of reuniting us with our true Spiritual Nature.  Spiritual healers have remarkable characteristics that make them great in what they do.
At heart, we all can heal ourselves and nurture others. Energy, belief, intention, spirit, energy, and skillful practice are available to all of us.
If you’re starting to notice due to your awareness heightening, but are not quite sure of what it could mean, make sure you check out the following list of traits commonly found in professionals of holistic health and alternative healing:
1. You feel replenished in nature .
2. You are an environmentalist.
3. Animals are drawn to you.
4. You are attracted to certain types of stones.
5. People trust you and ask for your advice. 
6. You often experience sympathy pains.