These 11 habits make you look much older than you are

People are vain, and nobody wants to look older than they actually are.
You take care to cover up the gray hair and wear a hat to keep from accruing any more wrinkles, yet you're probably still doing little things that you never dreamed were making you look older.
Look over the list of 11 items below that can prematurely age you, and see how you're doing. Consider what things you may want to change to keep from adding more wrinkles to your skin.

1. Night owl. Even for the young, skipping sleep is not healthy. As you age, MSN says that skipping necessary sleep will simply add to the dark circles and bags under your eyes, making you look even older.
2. Bitterness. Holding onto old hurts never damages the person who wronged you, but it will harm you. MSN points out that the bitterness that grows from not forgiving past wrongs increases your cortisol output, which decreases your sleep - resulting in bags and circles.
3. Stress. Stress takes its toll on the body, increasing your blood pressure and reducing your brain function. Prevention recommends finding ways to manage your stress so you don't feel old before your time.
4. Sugar. Dessert used to be a luxury, but today, people want to eat it all the time. MSN shares the fact that too much sugar creates problems as you get older. It can cause diabetes, acne and wrinkles. You may want to consider passing on the dessert on occasion.