You Knew Honey Was Good For You, But Here’s What You Didn’t Know!

If you’ve been following RemedyDaily, you may have noticed just how often we recommend honey as a home remedy. This is because, according to Healthline, your favorite natural sweetener has antibacterial and anti-fungal. It is an excellent source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Continue reading to learn 50 (that’s right… 50!) different ways to benefit from honey, as recommended by WebMD, Healthline, LifeHack, Mother Nature Network, Dr. Axe, and Natural News.
1. Heal skin ulcers with topical use
2. Disinfect and soothe skin wounds
3. Prevent bandage from sticking to scabs
4. Heal a burn wound
5. Promote the healing of a sunburn
6. Treat acne
7. Smooth and moisturize dry skin
8. Treat eczema
9. Promote shiny, moisturized hair
10. Protect hair from split ends
11. Stimulate hair growth
12. Stop chronic dandruff
13. Get relief from an itchy, flaky scalp and heal lesions
14. Plump up eyelashes
15. Fight allergies
16. Relieve and build immunity to hay fever
17. Treat asthma