7 scientifically proven methods to attract the attention of others

Whether you are a rising entrepreneur seeking to market your company to investors, an employee trying to get your manager to impact your effort, or a speaker search to make your assembly listen to you, you are in most cases trying to attract others ’attention to you. You may find this complicated, knowing that you are trying hard, but to no avail you do not get the result you want, so what is the solution ?
 In this article, we will summarize the seven scientifically proven methods or motivators to attract the interest of others.

1- Automatic:

Parr says in his book: “ We automatically notice without awareness of specific signals, voices, colors, or any other factors based on the contrast between them and their surroundings.” Red, par exemple, allow the effect of violence, and blue propose calmness / tranquility and stilness while yellow act Activity & energy .
You can then take advantage of the brain's ability to automatically notice these factors in getting the interest of others around you. We certainly do not ask you to wear a clown outfit to draw attention to you nor to walk all the time with a cup of hot coffee or even speak loudly all the time, but you can, for example, do the following:
- Wear a tie or scarf (if you are a girl) of a distinctive color that fits with the rest of your clothes, and this will attract attention to you.
- If you are about to meet someone for the first time, have a hot coffee or any warm drink with him, but if you are going to hold a meeting in which you negotiate with the other party, make your drink iced.
Always remember that pronouncing a person’s name is often the best and most important sound for him in any language, so learn the names of others and use them well while talking to them.

2- Influencing the mental frame:

You can use this to get others’s attention:
- Choose your words carefully, and make sure your conversation is interesting and interesting.
You have to repeat it, as several studies have shown that repeating a certain phrase makes others believe that it is true, so if you want to communicate a certain idea, do not hesitate to repeat it in the ears of others, to take root in their minds.

3- Breaking the usual pattern:

You can take advantage of this process to get others' attention as follows:
Ask an unexpected question to others.
- He broke a record in a specific field.
Finish a difficult mission before the deadline for delivery.
Invite your manager, colleague, or person you want to get their attention for a walk instead of a cup of coffee.

4- reward and desire creation:

If you want to attract the attention of others, you should stoke their desire to stay around you by offering offers for material rewards (incentives or attractive salaries for employers) or moral (such as personal development, training opportunities or skills development), in other words, make the other party feel that Being with you or staying with you is fun, full of passion and surprises.

5- Reputation:

 We humans naturally tend to deal with everything that is reliable and attracted to it, you can do so by talking about your qualifications and experiences, or by reinforcing your speech with quotes from known and trusted people in the field you are talking about. But make sure you don't seem cocky or smug.

6- ambiguity:

 The mind usually focuses on incomplete or incomplete matters rather than on what is clear and complete. So you can take advantage of it to get others' attention by:
If you meet someone for the first time, do not immediately tell him everything about your life, your thoughts and your views. Be mysterious and let him try to discover this mystery.
- In introductory business meetings, make sure that the meeting does not exceed 45 minutes, and leave room for discussion during subsequent meetings and other networking opportunities.
Instead of dwelling on talking about yourself and the details of your life, ask others questions to ensure that the conversation continues without the need to reveal much about yourself.

7- Acknowledgment and recognition

 Acknowledgment is one of the most important reasons why big companies like Google always attract to them the most skilled expertise and competencies.
 So to be able to get the attention of others around you:
 Appreciate their accomplishments, acknowledge their merits, and praise their perseverance, away from ornate or pretentious compliments. Do not hesitate, then, to harness the capabilities of the brain and its method of receiving and processing information around it for your benefit, and using it to attract the interest and attention of others.