Elvis Presley Cake


Elvis Presley's delicious American cake

* Ingredients:

° Ready white cake mixture, or you can bake a traditional white cake with your own ingredients.

° 1 box of crushed anise 227 grams.

° 1 cup sugar.

° Half an M / R vanilla.

° Cream cheese 225 grams.

° 100 grams of melted butter.

° 3 Cup powdered sugar.

° Half an M / R vanilla.

° 3 Cup pecans, crushed.

* Method:

- Bake the cake according to the instructions written on the cake box.

Allow the cake to cool, then pierce it with a fork.

- In a bowl on a stove, put crushed pineapple with its juice and add a cup of sugar with half a teaspoon of vanilla, then let them boil for several minutes, then pour this mixture over the cold cake.

- In a deep bowl, mix the cream cheese with butter, then add the fine sugar gradually and mix until the mixture becomes homogeneous, then add half a teaspoon of vanilla and whisk. Finally, add 2 cups of pecan nuts and stir them with a spoon.

Pour the cream cheese mixture on the cake and spread it well.

-Before serving, garnish by sprinkling a cup of crushed pecans on top.

It is preferable to prepare the cake a night before serving, as this makes it acquire a more delicious and rich flavor.