Without these nutty and buttery Pecan Sandies, no cookie platter is full. Next to chocolatey cookies, or those fabulously decorated cookies, these can seem unassuming, but they are sneaky good. These crispy cookies are not too sweet, and tea or coffee is an outstanding complement. I still remember this cookie being one of my mom's favorites. And Mom always knows the best, of course.


+2 sticks Of "UNSALTED BUTTER".

+1/3 C. Of sugar.

+1/2 tsp. Of salt.

+1 tsp. Of vanilla extract.

+2 C. Of all-purpose flour.

+1 C. Of chopped pecans. 



+ STEP I_Beat the butter with sugar and the salt in a medium bowl, using an electric mixer, at medium speed until light and fluffy, around 4 to 5 min. 

+ STEP II_Beat in the vanilla extract and then, at a low level, beat in the flour, scratching the side and bottom of the bowl until the dough merely comes together. 

+ STEP III_Only put in the pecans and beat until they are combined and split up slightly. 

+ STEP IV_Divide the dough in half and mold it into two logs that are 2 inches thick. 

+ STEP V_Overnight, wrap securely in plastic, and refrigerate. 

+ STEP VI_Heat up 350° in the oven. 

+ STEP VII_Line 3 parchment paper baking sheets. Slice the dough into scant thick strips, place them on the baking sheets and sprinkle them with butter, operating with 1 log at a time and leaving the other one chilled. 

With the second leg of the dough, repeat.

+ STEP VIII_Bake for 20 to 25 minutes, until the cookies around the edges and on the bottom are softly brown, changing the baking sheets halfway through. 

+ STEP IX_For a few minutes, let the cookies cool on the baking sheets, then move them to a rack to cool entirely.

To make this cookie an all-time favorite, these cookies from Pecan Sandie's mix crispy, buttery, and nutty goodness.