A good change from the typical meatloaf is meatloaf muffins. There is no secret to the recipe, for smaller portions, you'll simply bake a simple meatloaf mixture in muffin tins. It's a nice option from diner menus that you can remember, and they're sure to be a hit with kids. When short on time, it's also the perfect meal, as the muffins take only a third of the time compared to a complete meatloaf to prepare.


– 1+1/2pounds Of Ground Sirloin.

– 1 medium onion. I cut it into chunks.

– 2 ribs celery. I cut into 2" pieces.

– 1 green bell-pepper.

– 1 large egg beaten with a splash of milk.

– 1 C.Of plain bread crumbs.

– 1 C.Of smoky barbecue sauce.

– 1/2 C.Of tomato salsa.

– 2 TBSP.Of grill seasoning.

– 1 TBSP.Of Worcestershire sauce.

– extra-virgin olive oil.


– STEP 1:To preheat the oven, set it to 450 degrees F. In a large tub, place the ground beef. 

– STEP 2:Put the celery and onion in a food processor. Slice the bell pepper into four pieces and put it in the food processor. To finely cut the vegetables into very small pieces, click the processor blades and then add them to the meat dish. 

– STEP 3:Add the milk-beaten egg, bread crumbs, and grill seasoning to the dish. 

– STEP 4:Then, mix the smoky barbecue sauce, the Worcestershire sauce, and the salsa together. For the meatloaf mix, add half the sauce mixture into the dish. 

– STEP 5:Using your hands, blend the meatloaf together. 

– STEP 6:Brush vegetable oil or extra-virgin olive oil into a 12 muffin tin. Use a scoop of ice cream to help you fill each tin with meat. Top a spoonful of extra sauce for each meatloaf. 

– STEP 7:Bake It for twenty minutes. To verify if the center is cooked within, break open 1 muffin.