Snowball Cookies



A very easy and simple recipe, I liked I gave it this name because it resembles the shape of the coconut covered in ice


* Ingredients :


° a cup of crushed biscuits

° cup coconut

° Condensed Milk (Nestle) as needed

° for packaging; White chocolate and coconut


* Steps:


In a bowl, put the biscuits with coconut and mix them

We start by adding the condensed milk gradually and in a small amount and knead to know the required amount and get a dough that forms balls by hand

We form the dough into balls and put it in the refrigerator to hold it well

Melt chocolate in a water bath

We start by dipping the balls with chocolate, then placing them directly over the coconut and moving it to cover completely, then put it on top of a sheet of butter so that it does not stick

We let it cool and then serve