Southern pecan praline sheet cake



The recipe for a dish of oriental and Levantine sweets is very delicious and is the Basbousa of the Shami pecans, it is a regular basbousa, but in a slightly different way and with simple and easy-to-prepare ingredients, consisting of semolina flour, coconut, butter, pecan nuts and others, follow with us the ingredients And steps, and offer your family and your guests the most delicious sweets ..



* Ingredients :


° Half a cup of grated coconut

° Half a cup of brown sugar

° A cup of only a quarter of butter

° A quarter of a small spoon of baking powder

° Yogurt cup

° A cup of corn syrup

° One tablespoon of tahini

° Two cups of sherbet is ready

° Two cups grated pecans


* The method of making the Shami pecan basbousa:


In a frying pan, put the butter on a medium heat until it heats and changes its color to a light brown, do not burn it.

In a bowl, put semolina flour with sugar and grated coconut, then add the baking powder and stir well until combined.

Add to the yogurt flour and corn syrup and mix them well together, then finally put the brown butter and grind a little together until it becomes a little coherent.

On a thin-wall tray, spread it with a spoon of tahini, pour the basbousa mixture and spread it evenly on the tray.

Spread on the face of the basbousa the grated pecans, leave the basbousa for six hours to rest at least.

We put the tray in a hot oven at 150 degrees for an hour or a quarter until it takes a light brown color.

After the basbousah is cooked, pour the sherbet on it while it is warm and cover it until the syrup is completely absorbed.

After it cools a little, cut it into triangles or squares and it is ready to serve.