Arizona Sunshine Lemon Pie


The distinctive and delicious lemon tart recipe, try it for your guests and family


* Ingredients :


+ For the pie:

° 1 large lemon

° 4 large eggs

° ½ cup butter, melted

° 1 teaspoon vanilla

° 1½ cups sugar

° 1 (9 inch) piecrust, unbaked

+ For the topping: (optional)

° 1 cup whipping cream

° 2 Tablespoons sugar


* Directions :


Taking your pie crust out freezer . I utilize a frozen deep plate pie crust and it work peerfect. I put it on a cookie sheet since metal pan was not that strong but if employ a glass pie dish you won’t need to do this.

Preheated oveen to 350 degrees .

Washing your lemon and cut up also take all the seeds. (Don’t peeled it, you will mix whole lemon ! ) Put in your high powder blender

Add eggs/ butter/ vanilla also sugar. Mix till smooth. I begin at power 5 and moving up to 11 .

Pour blending to your piecrust . Baking for 42 min .

Permit cooled then chill in fridge.

+ Topping :

Put your mixing bowl & beaters in freezer about 21 min . Join your whipping cream & sugar. Whipping till peaks shape  .

Sliced pie also serving chilled with a dollop whip cream on upper . This can be obliged warm .