Baking Soda Shampoo : It Will Make Your Hair Grow Like It Is Magic



Baking soda, known as sodium bicarbonate, is an essential ingredient in every kitchen.

This miracle ingredient is beneficial in many ways.

From use in recipes to household cleaning, its existence is unforgettable.


So here we are with this DIY recipe on a baking powder shampoo.

What makes this shampoo special is its ability to replace all shampoos that are full of chemicals with a more natural alternative.

Not only does it keep your hair clean like other shampoos, but sometimes it does the job of conditioning.

Is your baking soda ready? Let's Begin.

DIY Baking Powder Shampoo Recipe:


* Ingredients:


° apple cider vinegar (1 tablespoon)

° Baking soda shampoo


* how to prepare:


Take a bowl and add baking soda along with the water.

Mix the two until a firm paste forms.

Ensure that the ingredients are in a 1: 3 ratio

(Baking soda and water) even if you are trying to make a large amount of shampoo.

Dampen your hair now to make sure all strands are completely wet.

Although instillation of wet hair is not required.

Start by applying the paste to your scalp.

Apply from the scalp to all hair strands to ensure that the head is covered with baking soda.

Leave it on for 5 to 6 minutes and rinse your hair with warm water.

Wash all baking powder residue on the hair.

 prepared apple cider vinegar solution. In other bowl,

Blend apple cider vinegar with an essential oil like rosemary, olive, lavender oil, etc. Blend 2 ingredients together well.

Now apply the apple cider vinegar solution to hair, scalp, and hair.

This travel as a conditioner on hair.

Hold it for a long time before rinsing your hair with water again.



Baking soda shampoo doesn't froth like your regular day shampoo.

There are no fears, that's how it works.

Ensure that the apple cider vinegar solution maintains a good distance from the eyes so that you do not come into contact with the solution.

Why buy more expensive shampoo when you replace baking soda?

Try this recipe at home, wash your hair with shampoo and you are bound to return to the store to buy shampoo again.