Freakin’ Fantastic Fried Rice – Quick, Easy ...


There are many recipes that depend on rice, but in Asian cuisine it is distinguished by its unconventional way of cooking, where the method of cooking and other ingredients added to it differs from what we are used to in our lives, fried rice is fast and easy to prepare Chinese rice and is considered one of the delicious dishes that can be eaten as a meal Light or fast, it is well accepted by children and adults


* Fried Rice Ingredients :


° 4 cups of cooked rice.

° 3 tbsps of butter.

° 1 diced onion.

° 13 oz of frozen peas also carrots.

° ½ cup of soy sauce.

° 3 beaten eggs.


* How to make Fried Rice :


In a big nonstick skillet, dissolve butter also sauté onion until tender .

Blend in peas also carrots also heat until thawed & tender.

Moving vegetables to one side of skillet & scramble eggs in other side .

Time scrambled, Blend eggs also vegetables together and stir in soy sauce .

Blend in rice progressively until well blended .

Easy, peasy & yummy ! This rice is a should try guys ! veggies go fully  with it.