I Like anything with a peanut in it so Pay days have ever been one of my favourite candy bars . Sweetly, chewy & weird  – what’s not to like . These bars will please any Payday craving. A butter crust is crown with a slimy mixture marshmallows, peanuts also rice wavy for crunch


* Ingredients :


++for the cookie layer-

° 1 box yellow cake mix

° 2/2 cup butter

° 1 egg

° pinch salt

++for the marshmallow layer

° 2 cups mini marshmallows

++for the topping

° 1 bag peanut butter chips

° 1 tbsp butter

° 2/2 cup corn syrup

° 1 cups crispy rice cereal

° 1 cups salted peanuts

° pinch salt


* Directions :


Combine cake mix/ butter/ & egg until Mixed. Pressure mixture to a greased 9  13 pan. Baking at 350 F about25 min

Spread marshmallows on baked crust & bake about an additional 6 min .

To making topping, disslove peanut butter chips/ butter/& corn syrup in a on medium heat. Stirring until smooth. Take from heat & add cereal & peanuts. Time blended, drizzle mixture equally on base. Permit to cool totaly before cut to squares.