10 reasons why you should never dump pickle juice down the drain



I almost threw up in my coffee cup reading this. And yet, it seems that pickle juice has some unsuspected benefits. We talked to you a few days ago about a soda made from pickle juice. It seemed strange to me to create such a drink for its taste. But maybe it was actually for its virtues? So let's go for 7 uses you can make of this precious beverage:


pickle juice benefits


 1 - Calms heartburn

A simple sip of pickle juice is enough to soothe your stomach pains in case of poor digestion. Hard to believe that an ingredient as acidic as vinegar can soothe your stomach, and yet it does!


 N ° 2 - Soothe sunburns

Do you spread yourself with Biafine and other Aloe Vera creams when you get sunburned? This is good, but know that you can also soothe burns by soaking a cotton ball in pickle juice and applying it to your sunburns.


N ° 3 - Relieve your muscles

Especially before, during and after a sporting effort. If you suffer from muscle cramps, you know that it is the electrolytes (sodium, potassium, etc.) that can calm them. What the pickle juice contains. An ideal drink to avoid cramps therefore!


N ° 4 - Soothe a sore throat

A grandmother's recipe is that you heat a little salted water and gargle with it when you have a sore throat. This would kill germs and balance the Ph level. Instead, do the same with a little pickle juice and your pain will go away faster.


N ° 5 - Clean your copper pots

The vinegar in the pickle juice cleans all pots, pans and other utensils. As for salt, it reacts with vinegar to prevent your copper utensils from turning green and to make them shine. Try it, you will tell us the news.



N ° 6 - Good for your plants

Ideal for putting your plants and vegetable garden back on their feet. Especially for plants that are greedy for acidic soils, such as rhododendrons or hydrangeas. However, do some research on your plants before pouring in the pickle juice. Some might not like ...


 N ° 7 - Add flavor to your dishes

When your pickle jar is finished, don't throw out the juice. Instead, put any drying vegetable in your fridge (carrots, onions, zucchini, etc.). You can consume them the next day, and they will immediately have a lot more taste!