10 surprising uses for chapstick nobody ever told you about


When you walk into a drugstore, you always find a stall with all the different lip balms - of all colors and tastes - with one common goal: to hydrate and prevent chapping. This is the kind of product that is also found in supermarkets and that we always say to ourselves: "I would definitely need it at some point". But here are twelve alternatives that you hadn't thought of for your lip balm that will allow you to do some little miracles.


1. Small bulbs


You've spotted a gorgeous pair of shoes, you rush to the store and buy them. You decide to wear them right away, but after a few hours of walking they start to seriously hurt your feet and very quickly small blisters appear. To prevent this from happening or to simply relieve the discomfort of the blisters, apply lip balm to all areas of the foot where you feel friction. Your feet will thank you!


2. Stuck rings


If you can't get a ring off your finger, run lip balm on your skin around the ring. Pull and twist until it comes out completely. Works every time !


3. Dry skin of the nose


You've just recovered from a deadly cold, but now you have to face another problem: After days of runny noses and blowing your nose, the skin around your nostrils is dry and chapped. When this is the case, apply balm instead of moisturizer, as the latter has a much more protective effect. The balm is effective on every part of the body where there is dry skin, for example elbows, cuticles, feet, etc.




4. Small cuts and wounds


Heal minor wounds and cuts with lip balm. The latter does not replace a bandage, but it helps clean cuts, which speeds up healing time.

5. Shoe care


If you don't have any shoe polish at home, use lip balm to achieve the same effect. The balm softens the leather and gives it a shiny and new appearance. Be careful not to inadvertently reuse it on your lips ...


6. To loosen the laces


Our laces have the annoying tendency to come undone when they shouldn't. And before you know it, you find yourself in a very embarrassing situation. Apply balm directly to the knot of your laces then tighten it as much as possible. It will not come undone anymore!


7. Rebellious wicks


Drying "stubborn" wicks can be a real ordeal, especially in winter. The solution is however very simple: just spread lip balm on the palms of your hands and then run them through your hair. Do not use tons of it either to avoid making your hair look greasy. You can also use lip balm to tame your brows. To do this, apply directly from the tube.


8. Forks


If your hair is very dry, act quickly before it breaks and splits. Spread balm on the palms of your hands and then massage the ends of your hair. Again, don't use too much to avoid making them look dirty.


9. Stuck closures


If your zipper is stuck, spread some balm (above and below), then pull up and down. A few gestures will be enough to relax everything and your zipper will open again without problem!


10. Pierced ears


Most women experience this problem when they go for a while without putting on earrings. Left like this, the skin of the earlobe "grows back" which makes it more difficult to put on earrings after a while. In order to avoid a feeling of discomfort or even an infection, spread a little balm on your earlobe as well as on the jewel, in this way, there will be no problem to insert it