15+ Awesome And Unexpected Uses For Liquid Dish Soap



Do you know the uses for dish soap ? No, this is not a heavy handed joke, there are many, and sometimes unexpected, uses for dish soap than just washing dishes and dishes in your kitchen sink.


1. Finding a gas leak: Before placing steak on your gas grill, make sure that it does not leak gas, by testing the soapy water. A gas leak releases a pressure that is visually detectable when it comes into contact with a solution of sufficient viscosity to form bubbles.


So, to see if the gas grid is leaking some toxic fumes, you can follow the Hunker's advice and fill a spray bottle with water and three tablespoons of liquid dish soap, cover the tank surface, valve and regulator, and collect the hose with some sprinkles.


Then run the valve until the system starts pressing, if you see soap bubbles, you know you have a leak that needs to be fixed. This test works with any gas powered appliance.


2. Prevent slipping on the ice: If you live in a European country or visit it in the winter season, dish soap can help you to bypass safety risks easily by using a little dish soap.


Add a teaspoon of dish soap and a tablespoon of alcohol to half a gallon of warm water, then pour the mixture over the aisles before it rains. And he saw that these paths would not freeze like other areas that were not sprayed with the mixture.


3. Skin smoothing: You will do a manicure and pedicure routine at home and want the same result that you get in the salon, soak your fingers in warm water with a little dish soap. The soap will soften the cuticles and cleanse your nails, so they are elastic and easy to peel off.


4. Fruit fly trap: Here's an easy trick to get rid of fruit flies before they reproduce. Fill a little bowl wiith white vinegar, add a some drops dish soap and leave it on the kitchen counter for a day. The vinegar smell will attract them, but the stickiness of dish soap on the surface makes it impossible for them to fly away.


5. Make long-lasting ice packs: frozen dish soap thaws at a slower rate than regular ice, so the bags full of frozen soap will be able to withstand heat more than regular ice water bags.


6. Killing weeds: Get rid of the toxic weed killer and make your own with half a gallon of white vinegar, a cup of salt and a teaspoon of dish soap. Pour the solution wherever weeds grow and watch them almost immediately.


7. Kill fleas: Dish soap can be used instead of expensive pet shampoo; Get rid of fleas and ticks, according to the Spend with Pennies tip.


8. Proteect houseplants: Adding a drop or 2 of dish soap to a spraay bottle filled wiith water, also spraying house plants to continue bugs away.


9. Preventing glass from fogging: Those who live in high-humidity climates know that excessive heat and humid air make glass smog, including glasses and mirrors. But a little bit of dish soap will solve the problem.



10. Lightening hair color: Did you not like the hair dye and the result was darker than you wanted? It's okay to fix the dye mess with dish soap. Use it to wash your hair instead of shampoo; Until you get the degree you want.


11. Preserving your skin before painting: Before you use the paint, apply a thin layer of it on your skin and floors, and after you finish coloring, you will find that the mess caused by the colors is much easier to clean.


12. Preventing Basin Clogging: Pour a little dish soap into the sink after you finish washing each wash. It dissolves the grease, and reduces the accumulation in the sink strainer and the chances of it clogging.


13. Kill green algae and unwanted weeds: Moss and weeds grow by spores instead of seeds, and they spread quickly as well. Using dish soap can control its growth and disposal.


14. Wash your car: What is the point of purchasing soap separately for your car as long as you have dish soap in your home? You can wash tires, window panes, and coated parts with dish soap, and it will leave your car shiny and streak-free, and you will also save some of your money on these expensive cleaning fluids.


15. Create bubbles for your kids: Although it is not a new use, we cannot forget to mention what dish soap does to create amazing baby bubbles.