15 surprising ways to use Coca-Cola


Soda is drunk with a slice of lemon to cool off during hot weather! But there are tips for using it around the house!


Soda, and in particular Coca-Cola, is a very acidic drink that can help us in our daily lives.


Whether it is for cooking, for cleaning or for treating everyday ailments, soda can be a good alternative: we let you discover!


1 / Soothe a jellyfish sting


You are at the beach swimming, but a jellyfish decides to sting you. Do not panic ! Just go to the little bar across the street and order a Coca-Cola then pour it over the bite. The venom will be neutralized and the pain reduced.


2 / A mosquito trap


If you are tired of mosquitoes, there is a practical solution to keep them away from your skin. Cut out a soda bottle so that mosquitoes are attracted to the sugar and no longer bite you!


3 / Recover a failed color


Have you left your color on for a little too long and your hair color is not to your satisfaction? Know that Coca-Cola has very acidic components that will help reduce the dyes on your hair. Just soak your hair in soda before washing it.


4 / Make a barbecue sauce


Grill evening planned? Wow the gallery with a delicious homemade sauce. Mix ketchup with a little Coca-Cola, heat over low heat for 15 minutes, stirring regularly, and presto, it's ready!


5 / Remove chewing gum from the hair


Has your little sister come home with chewing gum in her hair? Put away the scissors, open the fridge! The Coca-Cola will allow the candy to take off without difficulty. Just soak the wick in question in a bowl of soda and then rinse with water. Goodbye chewing gum! Consider shampooing right after.


6 / Clean rusty tools


Planning a DIY day but your tools are rusty? Do not panic, mechanical parts and tools will regain all their brilliance (and especially their original color) after a little Coca-Cola bath.


7 / Recover burnt utensils


Forgot to set the timer and your pan is all burnt? No need to throw it away! You can pour soda in the bottom of the pan and leave to act for two hours before rubbing.


8 / Clean the joints in the bathroom


Can't keep your tile grouts sparkling white? Soda is the solution! Dip a toothbrush in Coca-Cola and vigorously rub the joints with it. They should regain their whiteness!


9 / Descale a kettle


Is your kettle full of lime scale and you don't have white vinegar to remove it? Be aware that it is possible to achieve the same result with soda. Empty 1/2 liter into your kettle, heat, rinse, it's like new!


10 / Clean a windshield


If you can't see much in the car, your windshield may need a little cleaning. No need to go to the car wash for that! With a sponge and Coca-Cola, your windshield will be glowing thanks to the phosphoric acid it contains.