The perfect treat for a holiday tray could be the Rich White Chocolate Fudge packed with pecans and swirled with caramel. 

This is a 5 Minute Fudge Recipe that is fast and simple and ideal for every occasion. 

I enjoy getting this fudge in the house after a meal for a snack or sweet bite.


• A can.Of -14oz- Of sweetened condensed milk.

• 3 C.Of white chocolate chips.

• 1 C.Of chopped pecans.

• 1/2 C.Of caramel sauce, at room temperature. 

• 4 T.Of butter.

• 1/2 t.Of vanilla extract.


• Step 1- In a medium-sized glass dish, mix the chocolate chips, milk, and butter and heat in the microwave for 90 seconds. 

• Step 2- Stir to blend and heat for a further 15 seconds. Stir and heat for another 15 seconds, just as needed. 

The bowl will also hold a few bits of unmelted chocolate. 

With only a few flecks of unmelted chocolate, stir until mostly smooth. 

• Step 3- Add the chopped pecans and extract, and stir to blend. 

Scoop onto a tray lined with parchment. 

• Step 4- Stretched using a spatula to a thickness of around 1 inch. 

• Step 5- Drizzle the sauce with caramel. 

• Step 6- Swirl the caramel gently with a knife or the end of the spatula onto the fudge. Chill before it's fit for serving. 

• Step 7- Break into 1“ squares and store in the refrigerator for up to a week in an airtight bag.

The rich flavors are well-matched with a cup of coffee or tea in this White Chocolate Fudge.