5+ natural ways to freshen any room


The first step to ensuring a sense of freedom of movement in the home and a sense of comfort in all rooms, even if the area of ​​the house is narrow, is to get rid of any stacks or old things in the house through the following:


 Immediately dispose of any old equipment that is out of order, either by repairing or throwing it, instead of storing it for a long time without success.


 Use used plastic bags to collect garbage, instead of uselessly collecting it in drawers. Get rid of the books, magazines, and newspapers that you intend to read, even though several months have passed since they were issued, you will not be able to read them after so long, so donate them or throw them in the garbage immediately.


Only keep kitchen cans with lids, and discard any other containers or cans.


 Get rid of old and unused clothes and donate them to a charity.


Make sure you classify all the things in your home, in terms of their use and importance, every month or two. Get rid of unused furniture, to increase your home space.


Collect all of your children's toys in one box or cupboard, and get rid of broken and damaged toys that are not used.