5 powerful methods to clear a slow drain without calling the plumber



The form of release of these funds varies from dry and flowing powders to gels and liquids of different concentrations. Basically, every treatment of this type is based on sodium hydroxide, which is called an alkali.

For the agent to effectively act on clogging, you must carefully read the instructions before use and take safety measures.


Attention! To avoid chemical burns, always wear protective gloves before using any alkaline product!


It is also necessary to remember that the use of ordinary alkali, or the products that contain it, are not suitable for hygienic compositions of aluminum, as well as for thin plastic tubes of economy class. This equipment will be corroded at the time of alkaline reaction.


Acidic agents are more diverse, they are used for very complex clogging, are suitable for any type of pipe, and, unlike alkalis, do not harm them.


For any chemical product, there are a number of precautions needed to protect the pipes from deterioration.


Twenty minutes before using the product, it is recommended to pour the tubes with boiling water;

After aging, the tubes are rinsed abundantly with cold water;

The worker retention time in tubes must be strictly observed.

There are several of the most common barriers:


Mister Muscle. It is sold in the form of a gel and foam, or as a powder. The procedure is based on sodium hydroxide. The price is quite high, but the effect is noticeable right after application. An additional addition is the antibacterial components, which, in addition to the blockage, remove pathogens in the tubes. The product is poured or poured into a tube, kept for thirty minutes and rinsed abundantly.


Bogie Bhutan Not the most popular, but one of the most effective remedies. It is sold in the form of granules in packs of 600 g. . To use, it is necessary to release the sink and drain the water, pour one hundred grams of the drug into the hole and wait 3-5 minutes. Then you need to pour a cup of boiling or hot water into the tube. Then you need to wait a few minutes again and rinse the tube with warm running water. The treatment works immediately.