9 easy yoga positions to relieve sciatica pain in 16 mins or less



Yoga exercises should be the first thing in your mind when trying to relieve sciatica pain, as it is top preventiive method car it achieves twisting also extension of spine that making it treat sciatica.


 Baby Pose:


The baby pose is a relaxing and comfortable position, as it is a simple position that allows you to achieve a gentle stretch of the lower back muscles. It begins by kneeling on the ground with the knees spread apart and working to bring your head slowly towards the ground, and if your head does not reach the ground, this is not a problem. The most important thing is for the arms to be straight in front of you as shown in the pictures or by straightening them beside you, whichever is more comfortable for you you can implement and take Take a deep breath, focusing on the lower back muscles, to feel the full stretch of the back with inhalation and hold for a while, then repeat several cycles of breathing.


 Trunk rotation while sitting:


This position begins by sitting with the knees extended in front of you and the back in a straight position and do not try to cause any bending of the spine .. If sitting in this way is difficult for you, try to provide any support for your butt by placing any mass such as a folded blanket or towel Once it feels comfortable, bring the right knee toward the chest and cross the right foot over the left thigh. Then put your right hands behind you and tie the left arm around the right knee. Take a deep breath, then move gently, then move to the other side by crossing the left foot on the right thigh to support sitting. This pose helps relieve sciatica pain by stretching the back muscles.



Cow Pose Exercise:


The cow pose is a great stretching of the hip muscles. You can easily do this pose to reduce pain and increase muscle flexibility. To do this pose, take the knee pull to the chest mentioned above, then cross the right knee over the left knee, then control the outer ends of the feet or the big toes. Try to stay like this without making any movement, pulling the feet gently to your side or moving them up and down, and don't forget to breathe deeply while taking this step until you achieve a comfortable extension of the right hip and repeat with the opposite knee.


Bath placement:


The pigeon position is an exercise that stretches the back well. To do this, place your back with your knee bent and the feet bent, raise the right foot and bring it towards the right ankle to achieve comfort for the left thigh with the right knee. If you feel a deep stretch, try pushing the left knee forward as you can see in the pictures and paying attention to the right hip. If you feel pain or notice that breathing is restricted, leave the leg and repeat the same steps with the other leg.


Hamstring stretching exercise:


To perform this exercise, you need to get a towel and start by lying on the back with the legs extended on the ground for a long time. Bend the right knee towards the chest and use the towel to wrap it around the right foot and grab the two sides of the towel between your hands and try to raise the right leg towards the ceiling and do not worry about preserving the leg Nicely straightened and straightened. And don't forget to take a deep breath while doing these steps.