One of the modern types of sauce is caramel sauce, which is simple to cook in different ways since it can be made with chocolate, cocoa, cinnamon, or milk. We will introduce you to the best way of making caramel sauce in this article.

To make sweet salted caramel sauce at home, follow these simple directions. Just 4 simple ingredients are needed for this 10 minute salted caramel recipe. 

Using it for apples as a caramel sauce, spoon over vanilla or chocolate ice cream, or spill it into lined jars and offer it for the celebrations.


* 5 C.Of almond milk. 

* 3 Big C.Of sugar

* 2 Teaspoons.Of cinnamon.

* 3 Teaspoons.Of butter



* Step 1- Place the cinnamon in a small mixing bowl, add the granulated sugar, and blend very well, then place the mixture on the fire. 

* Step 2- Cover the hot cinnamon mixture with three cups of milk then stir well the ingredients until thick. 

* Step 3- After that add the remaining cup of milk and butter, stir until the mixture is homogeneous,  and it's ready to use as you want.