Are you Struggling To Fall Asleep ? Try This Remedy!



Getting enough sleep has become a form of luxury that we are looking for in light of the pressures of life and stress experienced by most people, especially employees who work long hours. Many of them turn to sleeping pills, which are a type of addiction, to get comfortable hours of sleep, but on the other hand, there are some herbs in the kitchen cupboard that help us sleep and relax without resorting to medication.



Lavender or lavender flower


It may be among the most relaxing and deeply sleeping herbs, as its aromatic oils are used in the manufacture of candles. By sprinkling a few drops of lavender oil on the pillow or adding herbs to a cup of hot water, we can get relaxation, and some mothers use it to massage their children's bodies to help them sleep deeply.



Studies have proven that lavender flower has an effective role in relieving headache and migraine pain.



Chamomile comes from the chrysanthemum flower, and in addition to its benefit in treating flatulence and intestinal pain, it helps you sleep when you drink it 35 minutes before going to bed.



Europe is the original home of catnip, which has great benefits in treating fever and weight loss, and is considered very effective in helping to sleep when consuming a cup of it before bedtime, and catnip works to calm nerves and relieve stress.



Anise is one of the most wonderful herbs that give the body rest and relaxation, and helps it get a deep and comfortable sleep, and it is preferable to drink a cup of anise infusion daily before bed, and it can be sweetened with honey or mixed with milk.