Cracker Shake


very addicting !! This quick and simple Cracker Shake won't fail you. just give a shot, it's a hit!! 


- I box of Saltine Crackers

- 1 cup of Vegetable Oil

- 2 large spoons of Red Pepper Flakes

- 1/2 small spoon of Garlic Salt

- 1 Pkg of Dry Ranch Dressing Mix


1. To begin with, you need to mix all ingredients together except crackers.

2. You'll want to use a gallon glass jar to put your crackers in, then pour the wet ingredients over them. Afterwards, you'd best put the lid on the jar and take the jar and go sit down cause your going to have to start turning it over and over! That's right, takes a few minutes to get everything mixed up. It's wise to turn it every which way upside down roll it aroun.