Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner Recipe



Sometimes the appropriate detergents are not enough to get perfect results in cleaning the floors, especially ceramics that need special care to preserve them, so learn these tips from the "bhg" site to get a smooth and shiny ceramic floor for the longest time possible.


Tips for cleaning the ceramic floor


- It is recommended to clean the ceramic floor from dust, sand and gravel regularly so that the floor does not lose its shine and scratch. Ceramic tiles may be resistant to dirt, but sand and gravel may cause scratches on glass surfaces.


- To clean ceramics, it is advised to use a mild detergent, clean water and a chamois-type wipe instead of a sponge mop, because it is better at cleaning ceramics, and as a sponge mop tends to push dirty water out, which makes it difficult to clean ceramics with the need to change the water frequently.


- In the event that there are colored stains on the ceramic, it is advised to determine the type of material causing the stain and use the appropriate detergent to remove it.


- If hazy spots appear on the ceramic after cleaning, it is advised to deal with soap residues, using a multi-purpose detergent that is not scratchable, by making a local detergent that contains fresh lemon juice, which helps clean the ceramic and its shine.


Ceramic floors should not be left to dry from exposure to air, because they will form water stains, so it is recommended to dry them with a clean cloth immediately after cleaning the ceramic.