Here’s How To Quickly Remove Uric Acid Crystallization From Your Body To Prevent Gout And Joint Pain



Unlike some diseases in which doctors recommend eating fruits and vegetables, gout is not treated this way. For example, spinach and asparagus contain relatively high levels of purines. As well as some legumes such as lentils, beans and beans, all of them also contain a high proportion of purines.


 Among the foods that should be avoided are grilled chicken, veal, liver, and dried meat (salami), in addition to certain types of fish such as salmon and anchovies, which are a type of salted fish. Each 100 grams of these foods contains 360 milligrams of purine.


As for what is permissible for patients with gout, there is also a large group of foods that are characterized by a low concentration of purines in them. One of those foods is pasta made from durum wheat semolina. Rice, potatoes and mixed grain bread are all purine-free. The same applies to carrots, tomatoes, apples, yogurt, cheese, cauliflower, and mushrooms.


Alcohol of all kinds is considered one of the most common drinks that raise the concentration of uric acid in the blood. As for fruit juices, most of them contain a high percentage of sugar, which may enhance the risk of gout. People with gout can drink tea in various flavors such as herbal or fruit tea, which helps to get rid of the purine content in the body faster.


Prevention is better than cure


Since gout is a disease that causes severe pain in the body and joints, so it is best to avoid what may cause it or at least try to reduce what may help the emergence of this problem. Doctors recommend that you reduce fats in food, exercise regularly, walk and cycle, while adhering to healthy foods that are free of high salt and purine.