Here's how you get that mildew smell out of your towels (+ 6 laundry tips)



1 - Wash the towels. Put the smelly towels in the washing machine, set the washing machine to the highest possible temperature and start the washing program. Also, add about 250ml of white vinegar and 200g of baking soda.


Don't use detergent or fabric softener yet.

2 - You can also try washing towels with vinegar or baking soda only if you don't have one of these ingredients.

Soak the towels in the washing machine. Interrupt the washing program after everything is well mixed. Soaking towels in baking soda also vinegar for 1 h . After the hour has passed, restart the washing machine and allow the washing machine to complete the washing program.


3 - Add vinegar and detergent. Now you have to run the washing machine through the washing program again, but this time add 250ml of vinegar and regular detergent. Use the same amount you would normally use to charge your laundry, and let the washing machine finish the washing program normally. After the washer is finished, centrifuge the towels again.


4 - You can set the washing machine to spin the laundry again, if the washing machine has this function. You can also start the spin program again after the first spin.


5 - Place the towels directly into the dryer. After the washing machine has washed the towels a second time, put them directly in the dryer. Set the dryer as high as possible and allow the machine to run until the towels are completely dry. Then the towels are dried again in the dryer.

Method 2 of 3: Soak the towels in detergent and hot water


6 - Put 80 grams of Vanish Oxi Action in a large bucket. If washing the towels with vinegar and baking soda doesn't work, you can also try soaking your towels in a mixture of Vanish Oxi Action and hot water. To start, place 80 grams of Vanish Oxi Action in a large bucket.


Pour some hot water. Now pour hot water into the bucket. If the water from the tap is not very hot, you can also pour some hot, boiling water into the bucket. Dissolve the powder in the water by gently tilting the bucket back and forth as you pour the water into it. Be careful not to flip the bucket or slide the water over the rim.


Put the towels in the bucket. After filling the bucket half full with hot water, put towels in it. Make sure all towels are completely submerged.

Leave the towels in the bucket and let them soak for 48 hours.




Wash towels in a washing machine. When the towels have been soaked in the mixture long enough, remove them from the bucket and squeeze them out. Immediately put it in the washing machine and wash it at the highest possible temperature with a fabric detergent and softener.

You can also put Vanish Oxi Action into the detergent compartment of your washing machine when washing the towels.


Dry the towels. After the washing program ends, put the towels directly into the dryer. Dry them on high temperature until they are completely dry. Your towels should look new after this treatment.

If the towels still smell like mold after this treatment, you may need to throw them away and buy new ones.