How to Clean Jewelry and Silverware Without Scratching Or Deforming Them !


Indeed, silver metal is one of the most beautiful and finest types of metals as well as it's widely used in all fields. That is, when used in jewelry design, they symbolize elegance, and when used to decorate the home with dishes and precious household utensils, they become a symbol of sophistication and beauty

However, silver is one of the most sensitive and fragile minerals, which is subject to stains, tarnishing, scratches and pollution as well. Lucily, we're going to present some methods that help you to maintain the appearance and beauty of silver utensils clean, shiny and shiny, so make sure to use the right materials and follow the correct techniques for easily preserving precious silver pots.




*  Sooner or later you may be compelled to use silver utensils, such as at the arrival of some guests or during banquets and banquets. Here it comes the role of this method as it helps you clean those precious silverware without being scratched or deformed. All that ned to be done is to wash your silverware in warm water with dishwashing liquid that does not contain phosphates. To avoid your silver utensils getting scratched or rusted, it's wise to wash them by themselves away from the dishes. And please avoid wearing rubber gloves completely when washing them, as the rubber works to damage the silver metal in which the pots are decorated. Always remember to wash your silverware quickly and immediately, so that you do not get stains from food debris.



* You can also resort to the following simple way when cleaning valuable silver utensils, which is sodium bicarbonate (known as baking soda). In fact, this magical ingredient removes scratches on silverware, and also helps remove tough stains and tarnishes. Simply prepare a paste of sodium bicarbonate by dissolving a little baking soda with a little warm water, not hot water, then apply it on a piece of clean cloth and rub the utensils well. And please rub the patterns decorated with silver with a brush made of wet horsehair. Finally, please be careful in your use of it, because wrong use can harm silver.