How to stimulate your hand to relieve neck and shoulder pain



It turns out that there are a lot of common pressure points and stress areas that you can target in order to give you relief from pain. They are a group of easy, self-massage techniques that help you feel rapid relief from pain and focus primarily on the neck, shoulders, arms.


1- Back of the neck pain:


If you feel pain in the back of the neck, you can turn the head back, then turn your right hands towards the back of the neck, which leads to pushing the neck for support. Slowly bend your head forward and hold the neck firmly for 10 seconds. You can repeat the same steps on the other side of the neck.

2. Base head pain:


To treat this pain, you need to find two elevated vertebrae in the back, up to half an inch long. They are often found at the base of the skull, as they are effective pressure points by simply pressing on them for 10 seconds and then slowly passing your fingers around the skull and moving outward toward the ears. It not only helps you reduce pain and fatigue but also eliminate headaches.


3. Pain in the side of the neck:


If there is a lot of neck pain that comes with jaw constriction. This is due to a feeling of fatigue in the muscles behind the ears that extend from the ear to the collarbone. Try to find the protruding bones behind the ear. The illustration in front of you can help you find them easily. Using the thumb, apply pressure on that spot, then go down slowly to the lower muscle until it reaches the collarbone, even with pressure.


4. Shoulder pain:


Find a suitable pressure area at the shoulders, because sitting for a long time in front of the computer hurts the neck and shoulders and ultimately leads to headaches. Pressing this area for 10 seconds and then raising the shoulders to deepen the pressure in order to achieve tissue relaxation.


5. Pain in the top of the shoulders:


Take your left hand and place it on the right shoulder until you feel that the muscles look like a trapezoid. Gently press your fingers on the muscles and move towards the collar muscles and repeat that with the other side.


6. Lower back pain:


Put your hands on your waist and point with the thumb forward, and using your fingers, work on massaging the muscles of the sides of your spine in a circular motion.


7. Forearm pain:


To treat forearm pain, place your hands on a table or pillow and use your other hands to gently rub your arms with your palms in one direction and gradually turn your arms. Also, try to apply pressure in sweeping movements so that your arms retract away from your neck.


8. Pain at the top of the forearms:


The most important thing that can help you treat upper forearm pain is to find the pressure point on the thumb side of the forearm, about 1/4 inch from the bottom of your elbow. Pressing on this area for a period of 10 - 12 seconds may lead to inflammation of this area for a period of time, and then the inflammation will disappear because this area contains a lot of tissue surrounding the muscle fibers that become inflamed.


9. Hands pain:


More people suffer from pain in the hands, especially the thumb used to send text messages. Find the appropriate pressure point on your wrist as shown in front of you in the picture and press it in circular motions to help relieve the pain. You can also use your other hands to extend out the muscles and rub in a circular motion to the base of your wrist.


10. Leg pain:


If you feel leg pain, you need to focus on the large muscles that extend down the leg and not just focus on the outer part of the leg muscles. To begin with, hold the legs while sitting and use the opposite side to drill into the muscles with your fingers. Then roll the ankle in a circular motion until pressure is placed on the muscles, turning your hands down toward the ankle and repeating that again