Perfect prime rib recipe



After you find the meat to your liking, you will have nothing left, how to cook a rib steak. It is very easy to fry at home, the main thing is to remember one rule: you absolutely do not need to add fat, because meat from marble contains enough of it, which is enough for a wonderful dish. It will definitely be very tasty, juicy and soft.



* the ingredients


 ° Half a cup yellow onions.

° 1 tablespoon lemon zest.

° A quarter cup fresh lemon juice.

° 2 cloves garlic.

° A teaspoon also a half ground red pepper flakes.

° 3 tablespoons extra olive oil.

° A tsp every of:

° Ground coriander. Ground cumin.

° Ground ginger. Paprika. Coarse salt.


Lamb Ingredients:

° A bone-free lamb shoulder.

Serving Ingredients:

° Baked potato with crust.

° Sour cream.

° Mixed green leaves for decorate .

° Fried ingredients: A quarter cup of olive oil. A clove of garlic. Fresh °orange juice. A little zest of orange peel. Half a cup parsley.


* How to prepare


Preparing the marinade: Chopping the yellow onion. Put the seasoning ingredients in the food processor bowl, and beat them until a smooth and smooth paste is formed, with the sides scraping as needed.

Preparing the shoulder meat: slice the lamb shoulder in the shape of a butterfly with any excess fat or veins trimmed. Distribute the marinade on the shoulder of the lamb, and spread it well with the marinade mixture. Roast the meat directly over a high heat with the lid on for about six minutes, until the meat turns lightly on both sides, turning it only once. Put the meat in a baking tray and cover the tray, and put it in the oven, then the shoulder is cooked in the oven for about three hours. Remove the meat from the oven and leave it aside for about five minutes so that it will relax a bit before slicing. Cut the meat into thin and diagonal slices, arrange the meat slices in a suitable serving dish and decorate the plate with green leaves, the meat is served warm with frying, and the prepared roast potatoes with sour cream