Ridiculously Easy Home Repair Tips You Need If You're Not Handy


Moving to a new home is a life experience that some people describe as "enjoyable". But with our tips for things to do before you move, you'll be ready when the furniture arrives.


This step can completely consume you for a long time: planning, packing, moving, cleaning.


When you reach your new home, you face more challenges. Deciding where to put the best china or everyday dishes may seem a small thing, but after all the work that goes out of the old house, the last thing you need is another big decision or other big project.


But getting some work into your new home right away will make you feel good.


If you are moving into a new home, you may not need to do anything at all. You are lucky!


But if you've bought a house with a carpet that you hate, you are probably thinking that you should go. Should you wait to be moved, or handle the job now ?


You may decide that you need to think carefully now, and that you should leave the decision about a replacement at a later time after your settlement.


Replacement is a big project, and if you have the money and can only make this decision at one time, it really will be for yourself. If you put it down, you will be faced with moving all of your furniture out of the rooms. What a bother! Not only for you, but for flooring installers too!


There will be furniture everywhere, and you will have to move it back into the room when it's done. If you can do this when moving, be sure to properly request flooring before you move. Make arrangements to install new floors for a day or two before moving. Cover new floors with mats or drapery, or mats the area so movers don't track in the dirt or scratch the wood.


Then, when they put the sofa and coffee table in place - you will be at home.


Here are some other pre-transition projects that can save you time and hassle.


Choose the most urgent projects. If your budget does not allow redecorating the entire house, then you only need to do one floor. If you can't stand up to the painting decisions for every single room, then all you have to do is make the rooms super easy.


Painting - Whether you do the work yourself or hire someone to do it, it's a lot easier to paint an empty room. There will be no need to move furniture, remove curtains, clean rooms, or take every picture or mirror from the walls. Allow several days to repaint before the engine pops up, especially if you are going to do the work yourself. This kind of work always takes longer than you think. Or hire a staff (professional illustrators or friends) to enter and get it within a day or two. Drawing can even be a part of the house before moving in on a great time. If you can't spot the colors, just paint everything clean white, beige, or another background color you like - depending on what works best with your furniture and colors. Once a master patching, primer, trim work, and basic coats are in, adding another wall color at a later date can be surprising.


Crown molding - Nobody likes the look of crown molding? It's a great luxury to be able to install moldings around the entire home at once, before moving into your new home. Ensure that you pre-install preform strips prior to installation, just before painting the interior walls. You may need to do some touches on the hinges and nail holes, but this is much easier than standing on the ladder for days trying to paint three coats of paint on the molding near the ceiling!


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Here are some great projects you must do before the moving truck arrives in your new home.


Re-Key - You will never know how many keys are roaming in your new home unless you get new locks or re-lock your existing keys. The previous owners may have given a key to neighbors, workers, relatives, or cleaning services, and you will have some peace of mind if you get new keys. This is a project to do before or shortly after you enter.


Closet Systems - Placing things right in your new home will make you feel comfortable. You'll love the cool cabinet systems with double hanging columns, drawers and shelves that reach to the ceiling. If you wait until later, you will have to take everything outside, pile your clothes in stacks on your bed or floor (you can visualize your clothes wrinkling in giant piles), and live outside the bags for a day or two so that cupboard fittings can be installed. No matter when you choose to do this, professional installers can get in and out in an easy way. The folks themselves might take longer to figure out the instructions, but once the process drops below the first cabinet, each additional cabinet should be faster and easier. If you do some measuring in your new home before moving in, you can plan ahead and pick and purchase your cabinet components ahead of time.


Electrical Upgrades - If you are moving to a new home you may have all the electrical outlets you need.


But old homes can be a challenge. You can run upgrades at any time, but everything is easy to access in an empty room. Remember, electricians are pushed out of the watch, and they'll be able to run faster if they have immediate access to outlets and a room for stairs and equipment. Older homes may need financial institutions in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as additional outlets for televisions, phones, or computers  Lights or bulbs.


That would be a great time to add a ceiling fan, an electrician can install a wall switch, complete the ceiling and install a special fan box. You may want better lighting to work in your kitchen or read the lights on your bed. Dilute the hallway with new pathway lighting or add lights in new cabinets. Two real easy-to-make luxuries are an outlet inside your vanity for your hair dryer or an outlet over a mantle for holiday lights. How about a ceiling light energizing movement in a basement or laundry room? All of these projects can be a lot easier when your rooms are empty. The work can be completed without the need to move furniture or casing room accessories to protect it from drilling dust.


Gaarage Storaage - will it become a place to store everything from garden tools to holiday decorations? Yep, once you move in, he'll be full of things. So if you want to build storage shelves, finish the floor with an epoxy coating, or install a workbench, it can be much easier to do before the garage is stacked to the ceiling. Another helpful tip - if you have sturdy garage racks from a previous home, arrange to load it onto the truck, then unload it first, so the boxes marked "Storage" can easily and quickly be placed on the waiting shelves.


Using the tips and hints here, you'll find that moving into your home can be a truly enjoyable experience.  Happy move !