8 home remedies to treat bronchitis and stop painful coughs



Winter is fast approaching. At this time of year, people are more prone to respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, in which the lining of the bronchi that carries air to and from the lungs becomes inflamed.  Acute bronchitis can be minor, but it can become serious and even fatal. Here is what you can do to treat bronchitis at home.


1. Water. Drinking 1 glass water each 2 h can aide thin mucus & open up bronchi .


2. Homemade steam rub. The cooling effects of a steam rub can work wonders on a case of bronchitis. Permit mixture to set in store containers before employ . Get full recipe.


3. Steam. Best Health Magazine simply recommends leaning over a bowl of steam treated with a few drops of eucalyptus or pine essential oil. It works because eucalyptus is an antibacterial that softens mucus in blocked airways, while pine oil is an expectorant that lifts and helps get rid of phlegm.


4. Cayenne pepper. Cayenne & another spicy foods thin mucus in lungs & promote a sweet health cough, necessary to clear all the mucus from the bronchi, explains Best Health Magazine.


5. Oil of oregano. It's not just for pizza. Dr Axer recommends oregano oil because it is antibacterial and promotes lung health.


6. Mixture of ginger and cloves. Ginger is well known for its ability to fight colds. As an anti-inflammatory immune booster, the following ginger recipe is also useful for bronchitis. Get the recipe for ginger tea.


7. Garlic. It is both an antiviral and a natural antibiotic, but how to consume garlic? Get the full garlic recipe.


8. Honey. The thick, soothing honey is not only good for the throat, but also good for the throat. Adding 1 tsp honey to hot tea  to treatement congestion and inflammation.