Cherry Filled Crescent Rolls 🍒 ❤



Share one of my favorite Hilal Roll recipes today! Pamper yourself with Crescent's white chocolate cherry pie that will make you smile from ear to ear !


Pillsbury Crescent Roll Recipes are some of our favorite family recipes! I love putting together simple dessert recipe ideas. Especially for the holidays when there is so much to do! This lovely crescent moon takes a full 5 minutes of prep work and then bakes for 12-15 minutes. Can't beat that! lets take alook.


* You will need:


° 8 rolls.


° 1 Hilal Kan rolls.


° 1 ½ cups of cherry pie filling.


° a cup of sugar desserts.



* How :


First, fill the crescent roll dough with one tablespoon of cherry pie in each one and roll the dough.


Bread can also be spread according to the directions provided with confectioners' sugar.