Easy Divinity CANDY is a marshmallow textured homemade candy filled with pecans and made with only a few ingredients. 

Is it marshmallow? OR  Is it fudge? In reality, divinity is a candy that has the texture of a marshmallow, but there are no marshmallows included in the recipe. It's close to fudge, too, but it's also so different. If you've never tried divinity, this is a simple dish to test and sample.


• 500 gr.Of granulated sugar. 

• 1 Cup.Of water. 

• 1 Cup.Of light corn syrup. 

• 1 tsp.Of salt.

• 2 egg whites. 

• 1 tsp.Of vanilla extract. 

• 120 gr.Of toasted chopped pecan nuts.

• For garnish, I used toasted pecan halves


• Step 1- Cook 4 first ingredients on low heat in a heavy 2- quart saucepan till the sugar melts, for about 16 minutes as well. Remove the syrup mixture from the heat, and set it aside. 

• Step 2- Use an electric mixer to whisk two egg whites at high speed until rigid peaks are formed. Pour half-hot syrup on egg whites in a slim current, pounding persistently at high speed for 6 minutes. 

• Step 3- Cook half syrup remaining on medium heat, stirring, about 5 to 6 minutes. On egg whites mixing, heavily pour the hot syrup And vanilla extract, still whisking at high speed until the mixture maintains its form.  Add 1 cup of chopped pecans. 

• Step 4- Rapidly drop the mixture from rounded teaspoonfuls to soft greased wax paper. Decorate, if needed. Let It set before serving. 

When you make this recipe, don't forget to share with us the result!!