Quick easy strawberry jam


Perfecto !! I made it several time and always turned out amazingly for me and I highly suggest it 👌 10/10...everything is adjusted perfectly , the colour, the consistency, the taste , the strawberry pieces, the amount of sugar to lemon juice ...everything is great...I'm a super super fan with the recipe & the product....Everyone should try it! 


- Strawberries: 450 gr (cut into slices) 

- Sugar: 2 cups

- Lemon juice: 2 large spoons



1. To start with, crush the strawberries in a bowl, until completely mashed.

2. You can then place the mashed strawberry, sugar and lemon juice  in a saucepan over low heat.

3. And please stir the mixture well. Now that the the sugar dissolves, you should increase the temperature and bring to a boil, with constant stirring, until the consistency of the jam becomes jelly.

4. At this point, take the pot off the stove and pour the mixture into glass jars. To finish, lock jars also putting them in refrigerator.