Ridiculously Easy Home Repair Tips You Need If You're Not Handy


Owning a home can sometimes feel like a project that is in constant need of maintenance. From dealing with issues like a leaking toilet or faucet to staying on top


Here are some ridiculously easy home repair tips that anyone can accomplish using everyday items you probably have around the house.


1. Using cooking spray to fixe a squeaky door


If you don't have a canister of WD-40 handy, don't worry. The cooking spray will also do wonders on these squeaaky doors. Spray only a little on the hinges, you should be squeak-free in no time, too.


2. Painting screws with nail polish to prevent them from coming off


It's amazing what a thin coat of nail polish can do!


3. Use crayons to fill in the nail holes


Choose a pencil that closely matches the color of the wall you are repairing. With firm pressure, rub the pencil over the nail hole.


 4. Get the perfect caulking edge using duct tape


 If you've ever tried using only caulk and can't figure out how to get that perfect straight edge, grab some painter's tape the next time you go to the small store as well.


5. Unscrew a broken bulb with a potato


 Cut the potato in half, push the soft side towards the broken bulb and turn it counterclockwise until the broken glass is firm to the potato. Remember to turn off the power by also putting the protective jumper before attempting this hack!


6. Use a rubber band to remove the stripped screws


Place a rubber band over the head of the screw before attempting to remove it with a screwdriver. This will add additional friction, allowing you to remove that stubborn stripped screw with ease.


7. Correct nail holes with a bar of soap


This is yet another simple tip for filling those unsightly nail holes in your walls. Rubbing a basic bar white soap in a counterclockwise circular motion on hole. If soap leaves a residue on the wall, use only a warm, damp cloth to wipe it off.


8. Prevent doors from rattling or slamming with a cabinet door


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9. Quiet, squeaky floors with baby powder


If you have sharp boards, it may be because pieces of wood are rubbing together. To solve the problem, try filling a small bottle with baby powder.



10. Treat carpet bumps with ice cubes


Placing an ice cube on the bumpy area ​​your carpet and permit it melt.

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